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carrd credit goes to a template on ggl that i cant find the source 4


☆art acc for @golddyna!☆

✘ Info! ✘
17 | white (ger+ukr)|eng+ger| learning jp!
transmasc +biro +ace +poly(taken)🖤💙
✔ likes ✔other
KnightsP, SwitchP OddballsP and AdonisP but I like a good handful chars !!! I also really like everything space and alien themedBesides drawing I do other kinds of creative things (painting and composing as example) im also prone to typoing as i dont care
✘ DNI ✘ 
General DNI; Homo-Transphobe, Racist, Proship in general ThisIf you dont use she/her+neos for Naru or they/them+neos for Mizuki


Im LEO! This isnt kinnning or anything im just me and a handful art is specific to my own thoughts
I do kin but and notable/main ones are Natsume[ES] Rider/Captain 3[SPLATN] Yae [GI] and Kanade[ProSeka]


My main interests are Enstars (obv)
Splatoon/Coroika(the manga) Genshin Project Sekai Cookie Run and some others
I consume all of my interests critically and acknowledge all its issues